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Welcome to A1 Removals
Your Home Packing SERVICE Experts in Exeter
A1 Removals & Storage are an established family run business specialising in both home and commercial removals, Devon.

Moving homes is more than just a logistical feat; it’s a deeply personal journey that involves the careful handling of your cherished belongings. That’s precisely where A1 Removals shines. We offer meticulous, professional packing services that go above and beyond just storing items in boxes. You have the option to choose from our Part-Packing or Full-Packing services, each designed to provide you with an effortless moving experience. Rest assured, our team isn’t just highly skilled—they’re also exceptionally friendly and reliable, committed to making your move as seamless as possible.

Part-Packing Service: Special Care for Special Items

In our Part-Packing service, our specialized team visits your property a day prior to the move to meticulously handle your delicate items. From framed pictures and mirrors to kitchen essentials and decorative ornaments, we’ve got it covered. But don’t worry, this service isn’t confined to just breakables. Whether you have a prized book collection or essential garden tools, we can customize the service to address any of your packing needs. Our focus is ensuring everything is secure and ready for the big move.

Full-Packing Service: The Ultimate in Stress-Free Moving

If you opt for our Full-Packing service, you’re in for a treat: your role is simply to sit back and let us do all the work. Our team will arrive a day before your move to carefully pack every single item you’re taking to your new home. We provide all the packing materials you could need—boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, and even wardrobe cartons. Plus, we make your life easier by clearly labeling each box, making the unloading process at your new home a breeze. This service is ideal for those looking for a completely hands-off experience or for those who physically can’t manage the packing themselves.

Trust A1 Removals for All Your Packing Needs

At A1 Removals, our philosophy revolves around making your home move a truly positive experience. With our packing services, you can move forward with complete peace of mind, knowing that every one of your treasured belongings is carefully packed and prepped for the journey ahead.

Feeling ready for a hassle-free move? Let A1 Removals—Exeter’s preferred choice for packing and removals—step in to make your move smooth, secure, and completely stress-free. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and experience first-hand how we can make your next move your best one yet.