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Terms and Conditions

By making a booking with A1 Removals and Storage you are agreeing to the following:

    i) The details in the acceptance form make up the basis of the quote ii) If you have any additional items please inform us immediately iii) Remote quotes are based on the details provided by the customer. Any additional items to be moved are at the driver’s discretion and will be subject to charges. iv) Quotes after a house visit are based on the detail we took on that visit and will exclude any items that the customer informed were not being moved. v) Any undescribed access or parking issues are also open to additional charges. vi) If we have not visited the property then we ask for an estimate of boxes and bags – a discretion of 20% will apply to these items. Any amount over this will incur an additional charge of a minimum of 1 hours labour.
  2. Work not included in the quotation
    i) Unless agreed by us in writing, we will not: Dismantle or assemble unit or system furniture (flat-pack), fitments or fittings. ii) Unless agreed by us in writing, not disconnect, re-connect, dismantle or re-assemble appliances. iii) Take up or lay fitted floor coverings. iv) Move items from a loft, unless properly lit and floored and safe access is provided.   v) We are unable to transport gas canisters, pets and paints due to restrictions within the insurances. It is the customer’s responsibility to transport these items and we can take no responsibility.
  3. Bookings
    i) Customers may book our services via email or phone. We will require full addresses and contact details to reserve a time and date. ii) Provisional bookings can be accepted but will only be held on our goodwill. Should a confirmed booking be requested by another customer then this may be accepted but we will attempt to make contact beforehand.
  4. Parking
    i) You will be required to provide details of the parking situation at all locations. ii) Please take into account the size of the vehicle you will be booking and make us aware of all access issues including height, width and weight limits around your property. iii) Any problems with access to properties shall be described prior to a quote being provided. iv) Any delays caused by undescribed access issues may be chargeable. v) Parking will be required on the same side of the road as the property. If this is not the case then we need to be informed. Any unexpected loading and unloading that requires crossing roads will be based on the discretion of the driver and must comply with our health and safety policy.
  5. Before we start (unless otherwise agreed):
    i) All white goods shall be disconnected from water and electric/gas supply prior to our arrival. ii) Fridges and freezers shall be defrosted and emptied. iii) Built in appliances must be unscrewed and disconnected. iv) Items must be in a clean condition.
  6. Furniture access issues
    i) If items of furniture have been built in situ then it will be expected unless otherwise discussed that these items will be dismantled prior to our arrival. ii) If any doors or windows etc need removing then this shall be done prior to our arrival. iii) Unless otherwise agreed items will be removed from chests of drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, filing cabinets etc. iv) Any items that require dismantling will be done so at the driver’s discretion – we take no responsibility for damage to furniture that we reassemble as certain furniture is not designed to be dismantled and reassembled. v) If we do not have the correct tools for dismantling it shall be the customer’s responsibility to supply them. vi) Unless previously agreed prices will be based upon there being direct access to all items that require moving.
  7. Arrival times
    i) We shall confirm booking date and times when the booking is placed. ii) We will make all efforts to arrive with you on time. iii) We cannot be held liable for any delays caused by traffic or weather conditions. iv) If booking a slot after we have completed another job you will be provided with an estimated arrival time. We will endeavour to meet this timing but should we be delayed we will call with an updated arrival time. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by previous jobs.
  8. Weights
    i) The vehicles we use all have specific weight limits. It is extremely important that you provide us with an accurate inventory of what you require moving so that we can calculate the weights. ii) Any additional items will be loaded at the driver’s discretion. iii) We require no boxes to weigh any more that 25kg if you have booked 2 men and 15kg if booking one man.
  9. Waiting times
    i) We will aim to have your move packed up by 12.00 unless we are told otherwise. ii) Should any delays with access to the new property prevent the team from finishing before 18:00 then additional charges will be incurred – a charge of £15:00 per hour per person will be applied. iii) Please let us know of any possible delays when requesting a quote and we can build this into the quote.
  10. Lofts/basements
    i) We are unable, due to health and safety risks, permitted to enter any lofts unless they are accessed through a fixed flight of stairs, are fully boarded and lit. ii) Any basements will need to be fully lit and have clear and safe access. iii) All access will be at the driver’s discretion.
  11. Outdoor and garden furniture
    i) It will be assumed unless previously informed that all garden and outdoor furniture will be clean and dry.
  12. Floor Covering
    i) Unless otherwise discussed it will be the customer’s responsibility to arrange suitable floor coverings especially important during jobs carried out in wet or muddy conditions.
  13. Delays / traffic
    i) Any delays caused by unexpected traffic will not affect the quote supplied but we would expect understanding from the customer for any delay this may cause. ii) We will not be liable for any inconvenience caused due to delays by traffic or weather conditions 
  1. Weather
    i) We will make all efforts to get to you on time, however we must take into account the safety of our staff and vehicles. ii) Adverse weather conditions including but not exclusively – snow, high winds, floods etc may cause delay or even postponement of your booking. We will keep in contact as soon as any of these events are expected but would also expect the customer to provide information on any localised adverse weather conditions
  2. Deposits / Cancelations
    i) A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. ii) If you would like your contract to start within the 14 day cooling off period (as set out by Consumer Contracts Regulations), please contact us in writing (letter or email) to expressly request this. iii) If you postpone or cancel this Agreement, we will charge you according to how much notice is given. “Working days” refer to the normal working week of Monday to Friday and excludes weekends and Public Holidays. iv) More than 7 working days before the removal was due to start: No charge. v) Between 2 and 7 working days inclusive before the removal was due to start: you will be charged 25% of the removal charge. vi) Between 24 – 48 hours before the removal was due to start you will be charge 50% of the removal charge. vii) Less than 24 hours before the removal was due to start you will be charged 75% of the removal charge.
  3. Payment
    i) Payment for the final balance will be due on the day of the move. This can be paid by cash, cheque, debit card, credit card (business credit cards will incur a 2.5% charge) or by BACs (providing arrangements have been made prior to the move day)
  4. Insurance
    i) We have Goods in Transit insurance in place to cover loss or damage to your goods caused by us subject to a maximum liability of £25,000 per vehicle unless otherwise agreed. ii) Unless otherwise agreed the following items are specifically excluded from this contract and will not be insured: • Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of a similar kind. • Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items. • Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infection. • Refrigerated or frozen food or drink. • Any animals and their cages or tanks including pets, birds or fish. • Cars, boats and caravans. iii) We take no responsibility for customer packed items or contents of boxes packed by customers unless evidence of damage caused by us is visible.

Our liability for loss or damage –

  1. Restricted Liability
    i) Other than because of our negligence, we will not be liable for any loss, damage or failure to deliver the goods if it is caused by any of the following circumstances: • Fire howsoever caused. • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, terrorism, rebellion and / or military coup. • Act of God. • Industrial action or other such events outside our reasonable control. • Normal wear and tear, natural or gradual deterioration, leakage or evaporation or from perishable or unstable goods. • This includes goods left within furniture or appliances. • Cleaning, repairing or restoring unless we did the work. • Moth or vermin or similar infestation. • Electrical or mechanical derangement to any appliance, instrument or equipment unless there is evidence of external impact. • Additionally by booking our services online you agree to all of these terms & conditions. • Any goods in wardrobes, drawers or appliances, or in a package, bundle, case or other container not both packed and unpacked by us. • Goods which have a relevant proven defect or are inherently defective.
  2. Regular Liability
    i) In the event of loss or damage caused by our negligence or breach of contract, our liability to you will be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of their repair or replacement, taking into account the age and condition of the goods immediately prior to their loss or damage. ii) Where the lost or damaged item is part of a set, our liability to you, where it is assessed to be the cost of replacement of that item, it is to be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of that item in isolation, not the cost of that item as part of a set. iii) Any liability under the above clauses are expressly subject to all or any other applicable exclusions set out elsewhere in this agreement.
  3. Storage
    i) We review our storage charges periodically. You will be given 3 months’ notice in writing of any increases. ii) We reserve the right to sell or dispose of the goods if payment of our charges is in arrears of three months or more. If you fail to pay all outstanding amounts due to us, we may sell or dispose of some or all of the goods without further notice. The cost of the sale or disposal will be charged to you. The net proceeds will be credited to your account and any eventual surplus will be paid to you without interest. If the full amount due is not received, we may seek to recover the balance from you.
  4. Unless otherwise stated we will assume that:
    i) All properties are houses and that they consist of a ground and first floor. ii) The items you have provided in your inventory are full and final. iii) Parking is directly outside your property with good clear access for a large van. iv) All items are ready to go on our arrival, including appliances unplugged and unwired. v) All boxes packed and taped and all furniture disassembled into component parts that make its removal possible and safe. vi) All items are clean. vii) There is no waiting time required. viii) All small and loose items will be boxed up. ix) Final responsibility ensuring that all items / correct items have been loaded lies with the customer or their representative. Once the vehicles have left the site any extra items that need moving or returning will constitute an additional job and will be billed accordingly. x) You have read our terms and conditions